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Smoothie Bar

Smoothie bars have become a  healthy trend with more and more bars opening all over the globe. We love smoothie bars and have set up our first juice business a few years ago. Since that day we often meet people enthuastic about smoothies, people who are interested in setting up their own juice business. Are you interested in opening your own smoothie business too? No problem, you will find  a range of information on how to set up your own successful juice business (Here you find our German smoothie bar website).

Or are you just  looking for gorgeous and healthy smoothies and juices in your area? We provide a directory  with wide selection of smoothie and juice bars for you.

Feel free to submit your best bar to our directory. You can leave a detailed description and share your favourite smoothies.

Furthermore we provide articles on the following topics:

  • Juicy Recipes

Berry Smoothies

Breakfast Berry Smoothies: An advantageous way to start your day.

The digestion process is one of the most energy consuming functions the human body undergoes. Read more about breakfast smoothies

Mango Smoothie

Mango fruit can be the sparkle in any smoothie. You can learn one of my favorite smoothie recipes with mango. Read more about mango smoothie recipes

  • Trends

McDonald Smoothie

Fast Food Giants  And Smoothies

McDonald’s was one of the first fast food companies which tried to seperate itself from competitors by introducing a new range of so called healty alternatives. Read more about healthy smoothies